Modern Day Bids Frequently Asked Questions

At Modern Day Bids, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find, bid on and pick up items from our auctions. Please read our frequently asked questions below for more information.

How do I view your auctions?

Go into You will be shown a list of our active sellers. Click on any seller to see their current auctions.

How do I place a bid?

To place a bid, click on your desired auction, scroll to our Catalogue section, and you’ll see our multiple lots in that auction. Click the blue “Place Bid” button. If you are a first-time bidder on this auction will ask you to review our auction terms and conditions. After reading hit accept, if you have never bid with us before you will be able to add a credit card to bid on our items.

To place your desired dollar amount, type in the box that says “Your maximum bid” the amount you wish to bid on the item.

Read more about bidding in our Bidding Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I search for an item in your auction?

At the top of the catalogue section above the lots, there is a search bar that says “Search for item…”. Type in a search keyword (e.g. chair, lamp, etc.) then click search. You will see the lots that match your keyword search.

How do I favorite an item?

Next to the name of each lot is a gray heart. Clicking it will turn it pink, which adds it to your Favorites section in your user dashboard. You can view all of your favorited lots by clicking Dashboard in the top right corner which brings you to your dashboard, and on the left hand side under “Favorites” all of your marked favorites will be visible.

How do I know if I've been outbid?

By you selecting either email, text or browser, we send outbid notifications once you have been outbid, and how much you will need to bid to become the highest bidder again. You can monitor your items closely by favoriting them.

Also if you are viewing an auction any item that you've been outbid on will have an "outbid" banner.

Why does it say immediately that I've been outbid?

Bidders are able to place their maximum bid when they bid. This allows them to have the highest bid on an item until another bidder surpasses their bidding amount. If you place a bid that is lower than or equal to their maximum bid amount, it will immediately show that you have been outbid by their maximum bid. We will also show you the next bid amount you will have to place.

How do I ask a question? Where can I see the response?

Click the item you wish to ask a question about, then scroll to the bottom to where it says Questions & Answers, and type in the question you wish to ask. You will be notified via email when the Seller respond to your question. In your Dashboard under Bidder Questions, you'll see your question and the answer.

Also if the seller believes that your question will be useful to other bidders, we'll display it right on the lot details.

How do I know where to pick up my items that I've won?

Once you’ve won an item, an invoice will be mailed to you containing the actual address to pick up your item.

What if I want to bid on your auction but can't make the pickup time?

Pickups must be made during the pickup window designated for that auction. Please refer to the pickup instructions for the auction.

What should I bring to the pickup?

Bring a copy of your invoice which contains a QR code of your item to scan. Invoices can either be on your phone or a printed copy. If you have a larger item which may require more than 1 person to lift, we strongly recommend setting aside as many helping hands are you will need to pick up your item.