Modern Day Bids Bidding Information

At Modern Day Bids we want to make bidding as easy as possible for you! Read more to learn the ins and outs of bidding.

Who can place a bid?

Anybody who registers at our site as a bidder can place a bid on an item. The first time you bid on an item from a seller they will ask for your credit card information. Your credit card information is securely kept on file with the seller's payment processor and they will only charge your card if you win an item.

Bidding basics

Every item has a starting price. In most auctions this is $1. To bid on an item click on the Place Bid button on the item. You will be shown a window which displays the current bid and the minimum amount you can bid on the item.

The minimum bid is the current bid plus a bid increment. The bid increment starts at $1 when the last bid is $20 or less. For higher last bids, see below for complete list of bid increments.

How much can I bid?

The minimum amount you can bid is shown when you click "Place Bid". The minimum bid is the current bid plus the next bid increment.

You can also set a higher maximum bid. Setting a maximum bid higher that the minimum bid means we will automatically bid again for you if you are outbid. Your maximum bid is always private and not shown to other bidders.

For example, if the minimum bid is $10 and you set a maximum bid of $14, your bid will be $10. If another bidder places a bid of $11, we will automatically increase your bid to their bid plus the bid increment to $12. Then if somebody bids $13, your bid will increase to $14. Since your maximum bid has now been reached, we will not automatically bid for you again unless you set a higher maximum bid.

What happens if I'm outbid?

If somebody bids higher than you, you will receive a notification via text or email. You can set this up in your dashboard. In addition, the lot that you bid on will show Outbid.

If you are outbid you are free to bid again if you choose. Or you can set a maximum bid and we will automatically bid for you up to your maximum bid.

I bid but it immediately says I was outbid

This happens if another bidder has set a maximum bid above your bid. When you bid, your bid was recorded but then the other bidder automatically bid higher.

Sometimes you might see in the window that appears say "Another bidder already had the same maximum bid". What this means is that you bid exactly the same as another bidder's maximum bid. Since the other bidder set their maximum bid first, they will automatically have a new bid of their maximum bid and your bid won't be recorded.

In all cases, you can bid higher if you choose.

How can I see my maximum bid?

If you have the highest bid on a lot, you can see your maximum bid by going to your Dashboard and clicking on Active Bids. Also if you click Place Bid on a lot, you'll see your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is private and cannot be seen by other bidders.

Can I change my maximum bid?

Yes! If you have the highest bid on a lot you can click Place Bid to change your maximum bid. You can set it to any number as long as it's at least the current bid.

For example if the current bid is $40 and you've set your maximum bid to $45, you can change your maximum bid down to $40 or to any number higher than that.

When does bidding stop?

Each auction has a set time when the auction starts to close. Each individual item in the auction has its own close time. Generally the close times are spaced out in 20 second increments (although sellers can choose different spacing).

That means that if an auction starts to close at 8:00PM, the first item will close at 8:00:00PM, the next item at 8:00:20PM, then 8:00:40PM, 8:01:00PM and so on.

Why does the clock sometimes reset when a lot is about to close?

We use what's called soft close or dynamic bidding. This is a standard practice in online and live auctions.

If someone places a bid in the last five minutes of an auction, the end time for that specific lot is extended. The process continues until there are no more bids made within the five minutes. This ensures that bidders can't be "sniped" by somebody bidding in the last few seconds before a lot closes. At that point, that specific lot closes. The overall auction continues until each lot has no advance.

Please note that some auctions use a three minutes timer.

How do I keep track of items that I'm bidding on?

When you're looking at an individual auction page under the catalog tab, there's a filter dropdown. Normally it shows "Show all" to show every item in the auction. You can change this to "Show my bids" and it will show you lots that you have bid on.

You can also view your active bids through your bidding dashboard. Click on the "Dashboard" button in the upper right corner to see your bidding dashboard. Then click on "Active Bids". This will show you all of your active bids in all auctions.

What are favorites?

Favorites are items that you want to keep track of or watch but maybe aren't ready to bid on. You can make any item a favorite by clicking on the gray heart next to the name of an item. Clicking on that will turn the heart red. If you don't want an item to be a favorite, click on the heart again to turn it gray.

You can change the auction filter to "Show favorites" to only show items you've favorited.

You can also click on the Dashboard button at the top of the page and then click Favorites to see all of your favorites across all auctions.

How do I ask a question about an item?

Sometimes you might have a question about an item that isn't clear from its description or photos. To ask a question, click on an item to view it. Then scroll down the page to "Questions & Answers" and click on the button "Ask a Question".

Once you ask a question, our the seller's staff will be notified. When they answer your question, you'll receive an email that lets you see their answer. If the question and answer might be useful to other bidders they will make the question public (your name will be anonymous) and display the question and answer under "Questions & Answers"

Bidding increments

Here are the stanard bidding increments we use for most auctions (based on the last bid):

  • Last bid ≤ $20: $1
  • Last bid ≤ $50: $2
  • Last bid ≤ $100: $5
  • Last bid ≤ $250: $10
  • Last bid ≤ $500: $15
  • Last bid ≤ $1000: $25
  • Last bid ≤ $2500: $50
  • Last bid ≤ $5000: $100
  • Last bid > $5000: $200

The minimum bid is always the current bid plus the bid increment. For example if the current bid is $100, by the above chart the bid increment is $5, so the minimum bid is $105.

Please note that some auctions use different bidding increments. These number may be changed without notice and we do not guarantee this list for accuracy. The bid increment may be other than this list due to special circumstances determined by Modern Day Bids or the Seller.